A Message Regarding the Coronavirus from TRW Owner, President & CEO Steve Spiegel

TRW Owner, President & CEO Steve Spiegel

To our valued theatre groups:

As we all confront the challenges of the Coronavirus crisis, I wanted to take this opportunity on behalf of our authors and my staff to communicate personally with you.

Our hearts and thoughts are with our treasured theatre community, as the health and safety of your audiences, artists and staff is of the utmost importance. With performance dates approaching for many of you, please know that TRW is here to discuss and handle your requests as they impact your production plans. As such, here is a quick review of our policies during the Coronavirus pandemic.

LiveStream: The Show Can Go On
Produce your show on our virtual stage and give your audience a theatrical experience over the internet. BookTix Live gives you a secure, piracy protected streaming platform and an easy way to monetize your performance via StreamPasses (our virtual tickets). Please contact your licensing rep for more information, and to get the ball rolling on your LiveStream.

If you are considering a postponement or a change to your performance dates, please be in immediate email or phone contact with your TRW licensing representative, prior to the original opening date, to secure permission for your new dates (even if the new dates are not yet confirmed). TRW does not assess a fee of any type for a postponement or change of dates and allows for the retention of the script and scores at no additional charge. And, in keeping with our policy, you do not need to return these materials regardless of when your new performance dates occur. For additional resources you’ve ordered to use with rehearsals or performance, certain ones will need us to provide extension codes to assure their functionality during your new dates. Again, your TRW Licensing representative will assist with this process. In those limited cases where performance rights for your original dates were provided subject to clearance parameters resulting from tours or other engagements, we will diligently work on clearing any new dates you provide.

If postponing your production is not a viable option and after careful consideration, you need to cancel, please be in immediate email or phone contact with your TRW licensing representative, prior to the opening date. TRW will make note of the cancellation of your production and will commence the process of issuing a full refund to your organization of the amount you paid for the royalty portion of your Licensing Fee. Cancellations that are in direct response to Coronavirus will not be subject to administrative cancellation fees. However, if TRW performance materials (scripts, scores, etc.) have been supplied (either print and/or digital), that portion of your Licensing Fee is not refundable. Should the factors surrounding Coronavirus result in a cancelation, we hope we can be of service to you at a future time.

Our worldwide offices are temporarily closed, with staff with staff working both in the office or at home utilizing our remote access system. We have instituted the necessary action steps as outlined by health organizations and professionals, including the US based Centers For Disease Control to provide an environment allowing us to remain fully operational and responsive each day. All of our global locations are ready to service all of your communication and licensing needs. Our email systems, phone systems, Web Sites and social media platforms all remain fully functional with staff available to respond quickly to all your correspondence.

With all best wishes for safety and good health,

Steve Spiegel

Owner, President & CEO

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