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Ian Watson

Ian got his degree in film and television from Newport Film School, founded by the great John Grierson. He has written a novel, Out of Season, which he turned into a screenplay when it was optioned by Di Marco films in 2007 and is currently in the hands of ITV.

His other screenplays include Bang with Brian Taylor Hart and D’Arts which he is currently writing with acclaimed screenwriter and actor Steve McGann. His short film, Breakdown Service was selected by a number of producers for film festivals and is now under consideration by the British Film Institute.

As well as writing the book for Lift and creating the concept for Defect with Craig Adams, Ian’s plays include a radio play, Doin’ my bit produced by the BBC or Radio 5Live and El Paso, a two act play which is currently inproduction with The New Actors Company and will be in a London theatre in the Autumn. He is currently working on a new musical, Limbo.

Ian is the featured blogger and reviewer for theatre website and also writes for Frost Magazine and the Huffington Post.