The Olympians

It’s Ancient Greece, and for Artemis, Athena, and Aphrodite, enough is enough. As female gods, how can they enjoy immortal life when they rule over a society that doesn’t have equal rights for women? What they need is a hero – a female one – to inspire women across the world. They each choose a […]

Mr. Dickens’ Hat

Set in London on December 21-22, 1865 (“the darkest night of the year”), this witty, heartfelt play-with-songs deftly weaves together Dickensian storytelling with a playful theatricality, featuring nine “original Victorian carols” and a diverse cast portraying an array of colorful characters. With its Victorian winter setting, MR. DICKENS’ HAT is perfect for holiday programming, though […]

Journey to the Poles of Inaccessibility

Dylan is comfortable with his insular life, working at an insurance company and living with his wheelchair-bound aunt. Then he meets Chris, a young woman of boundless energy, on a quest to gather what magic may remain at the eight Poles of Inaccessibility, the world’s most remote places. Dylan and Chris circle the globe on […]

Tell Me Something Good

TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD is a patchwork play that attempts to explore and consider all the ways that we get lost in the world. It is a collection of intertwining, pathos-rich character studies in the form of scenes and monologues, all traversing the landscape of the human condition—love, desire, ache, longing, disillusionment, loneliness—and the power […]

Cyrano De Bergerac

CYRANO DE BERGERAC is brand new adaptation in verse of the famous crowd-pleasing tale of love, honor, and panache, by way of a warrior-poet with a huge nose and a huge complex about it.

Senior Living

SENIOR LIVING is a play with music about people dying to live. At Riverdale Manor, a retirement community in the Bronx, seniors contemplate the possibility of dying from a broken heart, if divorce is even worth it at a certain age, and when is the right time to have sex again. A talent show, with […]

The Velveteen Rabbit: A Toy Story

Margery Williams’s classic toy story gets a vibrant retelling in this brand new adaptation. When the Child gets the Rabbit for Christmas, she is at first disappointed in her gift. But as the two quest and adventure through her storybooks, both Rabbit and Child grow and care for each other. And they discover that love […]

Lickety Split: Women and Men in Outrageous Shorts

Women and men in outrageous shorts! This fast-paced, rollicking collection of short plays combines some of the best scenes from BUDDY BRO BUBBA DUDE and HONEY SUGAR LADY DOLL into a laugh-out-loud adventure for all. You’ll encounter women who are brilliant, baffling and know a conscience is what hurts when other parts feel sooo good. […]

Honey Sugar Lady Doll: Women in Bodacious Shorts

Women in bodacious shorts! This sparkling and raucous comedy offers fast-paced tales about—and starring—strong and sassy females. Women who are intelligent, eccentric, mysterious, baffling, bullheaded and brilliant. As these short plays unfold, you’ll meet Vivacia, a Southern social media star, on a quest to elevate the mediocre standard of American funeral foods. Drop by a […]

Blessings From The Pandemic: a theater piece in five movements

BLESSINGS FROM THE PANDEMIC, a theater piece in five movements, is a mosaic of poetic reflections exploring our journeys in response to the events of the pandemic: the big, the small, the humorous, the challenging, and even the inspiring.