The Olympians

It’s Ancient Greece, and for Artemis, Athena, and Aphrodite, enough is enough. As female gods, how can they enjoy immortal life when they rule over a society that doesn’t have equal rights for women? What they need is a hero – a female one – to inspire women across the world. They each choose a […]

Little Women musical logo with 5 flowers on a green field and blank book open

Little Women

Louisa May Alcott’s beloved novel is brought to glorious musical life in this tale of the indomitable March girls of Concord, Massachusetts. In a time of great social upheaval, Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth grow from childhood to womanhood through the trials, tragedies, and triumphs of America divided by Civil War. This show is now […]

Romy and Michele musical logo, sparkling blue and pink letters on black background

Romy and Michele The Musical

Two of the quirkiest and most endearing best friends in pop culture make their musical theater debut in ROMY AND MICHELE THE MUSICAL, based on the 1997 cult hit film. Romy and Michele are two lovable, inseparable best friends whose relationship is put to the test when they invent fake careers to impress people at […]

logo for Other Josh Cohen musical on yellow background with red and white text

The Other Josh Cohen

Enter the quirky world of Josh Cohen’s New York City apartment… as it is getting robbed. Thus begins the hilarious rock-and-roll romantic comedy about good guy Josh, caught in a lifelong battle with bad luck. Broke and alone, all hope seems lost – until a mysterious letter arrives that changes his life forever. Two actors […]

Half Time-Gotta Dance musical logo on purple background with wood floor

Half Time – Gotta Dance

HALF TIME is the incredible true story of ten determined dreamers who audition to dance at half time for a major basketball team. They have three things in common: they love to dance, they have something to prove, and they are all over 60 years-old. Only after making the cut do they learn they won’t […]

Hello Girls musical logo

The Hello Girls

From New York to Paris, from ragtime to jazz:  THE HELLO GIRLS chronicles the story of America’s first women soldiers in this new musical inspired by history.  These intrepid heroines served as bilingual telephone operators on the front lines, helping turn the tide of World War I.  They then returned home to fight a decades-long […]

The Man in the Ceiling musical logo with original art from Jules Ffeiffer

The Man in the Ceiling

12 year-old Jimmy Jibbett would rather be a successful cartoonist than be in 7th grade. His father disapproves. His mother is busy. His uncle tries to understand but is too wrapped up trying to write a love song for his next flop musical. Where can Jimmy turn for inspiration and hope? Maybe THE MAN IN […]

Newsical musical logo on blue geometric pattern background

NEWSical the Musical

NEWSical THE MUSICAL, the Off Broadway smash-hit revue, is now available for licensing for theatre groups everywhere. A series of songs, sketches and scenes about the news, performed like a live newscast, this hilarious 90-minute comedy pokes fun at the news headlines through topical comedy and song (a la Saturday Night Live). Winner of the Off-Broadway […]

Miss You Like Hell musical logo

Miss You Like Hell

When a whip-smart, deeply imaginative teenager agrees to take a road trip with her free-spirited Latina mother, neither can imagine where it will take them. Chance encounters with a medley of characters along the way brings them closer to understanding what sets them apart—and what connects them forever. At the heart of the story is […]

Grumpy Old Men the musical logo, with outdoor hats on the letters on a snowy background, with pine trees

Grumpy Old Men

GRUMPY OLD MEN is the story of two aging men, Max and John, neighbors who have been feuding for most of their lives. Invigorated by their shared affection for their new neighbor across the street, the beautiful, eccentric, and charming Ariel, they face-off as romantic rivals until their hilarious shenanigans finally bring about a resolution […]