Frequently Asked Questions

The TRW staff is always happy to help and are available at xxx or mail. Please browse our list of Frequently Asked Questions for answers to our most common questions.

Can we make changes to the script, music or lyrics as provided for in the performance materials?

Our Licence Agreement expressly states that the show you licence must be performed as written. Changing the show – including altering the music, lyrics, book, and/or switching the gender of a character or changing the period setting – is a serious violation of the authors’ rights and is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized alteration of material may result in losing your performance licence.

Questions about any proposed change, addition, omission, interpolation, or alteration in the music, lyrics, or book of the Play shall first be submitted in writing to Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW). If permission is granted by the Authors, TRW will advise you in writing.

Can we perform an excerpt at our local theatre festival or participate in competitions?

Yes. Subject to approval, TRW can grant you permission for the use of individual songs and scene cuttings for participation in theatre competitions, festivals and individual performance contests.