The fifth-grade talent show is approaching, and everyone at Baldwin Elementary is abuzz. Winston wants to win the show with his cheerleading routine and prove he’s more than the awful nickname everyone calls him: Fishboy. Introverted artist Gina wants nothing to do with the show, and she knows the overzealous (and unpleasant) twins, Randy, and […]

The Spoken Word

Germany in 1943. America in 2033. This charged play follows young adults separated by time and place, united by their resistance to the government oppression they’re surrounded by. In 2033, a group of protestors in hiding begin receiving cryptic text messages. Is it possible that they’re somehow being sent from 1940s anti-Nazi activist Sophie Scholl […]


Alejandro has revolutionized student government at his Pennsylvania high school and changed it for the better, so when he unexpectedly resigns from being student body president halfway through his senior year, the entire school is shaken. Who will take over? Who should take over? This exciting play looks at the ways we contribute to our […]

Smile Lines

This groundbreaking and emotionally charged play immerses you in the fervor, intensity, determination, and selflessness of the Silent Sentinels protest at the White House in 1917. A century later, do we appreciate the sacrifices and convictions made by those brave individuals? SMILE LINES delves deep into the National Woman’s Party’s historic protests, connecting them to […]


Six young Northern Virginia students find themselves thrust into a complex world, a world made of poetry, reenactments, the guiding words of Frederick Douglass, and the personal experiences of the students themselves. The heart of this complex world is the death of Freddie Gray, an event that forces each of these students to confront their […]

The Christmas Carol Farce (Featuring the Five-Minute Christmas Carol)

Charles Dickens’s ghost arranges for a high school production of A Christmas Carol to be broadcast on TV. The cast is ecstatic, until they learn their performance must be cut to one hour. At the TV studio, they discover it must be cut to 40 minutes for commercials. Just before they go on-air, an overtime […]

Berta, Berta

After committing an unforgivable crime, Leroy is granted one final wish: a chance to make amends with his long-lost lover, Berta. Their reunion swells from a quarrelsome conjuring of the past to an impassioned plot to escape their impending fate.

By The Numbers – Short plays inspired by math theorems

BY THE NUMBERS is a fun, inventive and diverse collection of eight short plays inspired by mathematical theorems. POINT OF INTERSECTION by James Hindman. (1M, 1W): A watchmaker and a romantic find common ground, but can Sidney and Sydney synchronize their hearts? HEDY LAMARR MAKES A MOVIE by Arlene Hutton. (2M, 2W): As Hedy Lamarr […]


#Your #parents #definitely #know #everything #about #social #media. This inclusive 10-minute play can be cast with between 2 and 25 performers. Smaller Cast Versions are included in this script.


Ask any high school senior and they’ll tell you that prom night is the most important night of their lives. But thanks to Julian – an evil alien warlord from Rangor posing as an ordinary high school student – prom night has turned into an absolute disaster. And it’s all thanks to Becca. An innocent, […]