Spiegel’s Spiel: March 2010…The Premier Post

Spiegel’s *Spiel

Blog along with Steve Spiegel, President & CEO

Welcome to the inaugural article here at Spiegel’s Spiel, a place at where I can share my thoughts and plans with you, our valued customers, and you can give feedback to me on your theatre organization’s activities. Through this interaction you can help keep TRW at the forefront of theatrical licensing. I have always very much valued our customers input throughout my many years in the business.

Next week I travel to Auckland, where I will deliver the keynote speech at the New Zealand Musical Theatre Conference. Attended by artistic and managing directors, this year will mark their 50th anniversary as an association serving the needs of community theatres in their territory. It’s a great honor and I’m the first foreigner to have this privilege.

And, I’d like your help. I’m writing my speech and I have 3 decades (1979 to present) in the theatrical licensing business to draw on. I’ve visited your theaters. I’ve met with you at conferences. I’ve talked with you by phone. But, I’ve never run a community theatre.

What should New Zealanders hear about community theatre in America? Economic issues? Marketing issues? Audience building issues? Backstage stories? What would you like me to say? Please post your responses here or email me at:

I look forward to hearing from you!

-Steve Spiegel

*Spiel (speel, shpeel) Informal n. A lengthy or extravagant speech or argument usually intended to persuade. intr. & tr. v. spieled, spiel·ing, spiels
To talk or say something at length or extravagantly.