In Conversation with Abby Rosebrock

Abby Rosebrock’s plays examine relationships from unexpected angles. She writes about damaged characters who may seem broken, but her expertly crafted words peel back the layers to reveal new depths and strengths. Even in the darkly comedic, off-kilter situations in which her characters find themselves, Rosebrock’s plays remain big-hearted and uplifting.

Martyna Majok’s Legacy Has Only Just Begun

Pulitzer Prize winner, Lucille Lortel award-winner, recent recipient of the 2023 Obie Award for Playwriting, and now Tony Award nominated: Martyna Majok’s legacy has only just begun.

TRW Plays Q & A with Jones Hope Wooten

Jones Hope Wooten, also known as “America’s Playwrights,” is a writing trio you definitely know and love. Their hilarious comedies have had thousands of productions across the world and in all fifty states. Their amazing and popular work doesn’t stop at the theatre—it begins there.

Meet Inda Craig-Galván

Inda’s work is raw, honest, and hilarious. Her plays explore real-world problems wrapped in the dynamic magic of the theatre. She took some time to discuss these two plays in depth and reveals the best advice she’s ever received.

Stacie Lents talks COLLEGE COLORS and collaboration

Stacie Lents, author of COLLEGE COLORS, spent some time (in the middle of tech week!) with TRW discussing her thought-provoking play about friendship and change, her process of writing this play, and the importance (or necessity) of collaboration within theatre.

Playwright David Grimm Has Joined the TRW Family

As David Grimm adds three new plays to the TRW Plays collection (TALES FROM RED VIENNA, IBSEN IN CHICAGO, and CYRANO DE BERGERAC), he spends some time with TRW to discuss these titles, the importance of recovery in art, and what his job might be in another life. (Hint: he does it in this life too!)