Welcome to Paradise

Evelyn contemplates that this solo journey to her Caribbean beach house might be her final one, with old age looming and her children’s interventions on the horizon. Meanwhile, Rory, a seasoned traveler, seeks a welcoming refuge. Accepting Evelyn’s invitation for a brief stay, maybe one or two nights, Rory gradually finds himself feeling increasingly at […]

The Happiest Man On Earth

This remarkable play brings to life the extraordinary journey of Eddie Jaku, who endured innumerable harrowing experiences while navigating and evading multiple Nazi concentration camps during a dark chapter in history. Eddie’s story is one of unimaginable grief and tragic loss, yet it is also a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human soul. […]

Blood of the Lamb

A woman fights for her life and a lawyer tries to do her job in a Kafka-esque drama about bureaucratic chaos in a post-Roe America. This hot-off-a-workshop-script dives unflinchingly into the heart of forced-birth issues. With a sometimes surreal style, BLOOD OF THE LAMB is a heartfelt (and heartbreaking) look at two women navigating the […]

Andy Warhol in Iran

The script is available in manuscript form now, while the final Acting Edition is being prepared. In 1976, Andy Warhol, who had transformed himself into a sought-after portrait painter for the wealthy, embarks on a journey to Tehran to capture Polaroids of the Shah of Iran’s wife. Amidst his exploration of the Crown Jewels and […]


Five actors, three characters, one story: Ten years ago, Ken and Chris were teacher and student. Now, as principal and teacher, Ken uses a student’s suspiciously high grade as license to grill Chris until the young teacher is forced to confront both past and present. While most plays question the audience, TEACH’s gender and racial […]

The Downfall of Rafael Trujillo

THE DOWNFALL OF RAFAEL TRUJILLO explores the last five years of the life of the Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo. He ruled the Dominican Republic with an iron fist for 31 years. The play begins with the infamous kidnapping and murder of Professor Jesús Galíndez and follows the resulting fall-out, which leads to the downfall of […]

Sing The Body Electric

Jess is tanking in Physics, so her mom, Doris, hires Lloyd to help her pass. But she’d rather study his son, the survivor of a lightning strike that killed his girlfriend a year ago, and tattooed his body with elegant scars. When Lloyd and Doris hit it off, these two broken families are bound ever […]


In downstate Illinois, four men convicted of sex crimes against minors share a group home where they live out their lives in the shadow of the crimes they committed. A man shows up to confront his childhood abuser—but does he want closure or retribution? This gripping and provocative new play by Pulitzer Prize winner Bruce […]

Chlorine Sky

“Ok, so boom. / We ain’t friends anymore.” Sky and Lay Li were always in sync. But now their rhythms are changing; Sky likes swimming, and Lay Li is all about beauty. Sky, basketball; Lay Li, boys. Things make more sense underwater and on the court. This adaptation of Mahogany L. Browne’s popular young adult […]

Birds of North America

John and his daughter Caitlyn are birders. As they scan the skies over their backyard in suburban Maryland looking for elusive birds, years go by. Relationships begin and end. Children grow up and parents age. The climate and the world change in small and vast ways. BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA takes a close look at […]