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BENEVOLENCE is the third play in The Till Trilogy, exploring the epic saga of Civil Rights icon Emmett Louis Till, the Chicago teenager whose fateful trip to Mississippi in the summer of 1955 is believed by many to mark the beginning of the modern Civil Rights Movement.

BENEVOLENCE explores the transformation in the Mississippi Delta in the wake of Emmett’s death, the toll of the legacy of enslavement on the smallest units of our society, the family and individual. From the eyes of two women and the men in their lives, it is an intimate play, a tale of love and loss. Like the land in its time, Benevolence is segregated.

Casting & Production

Production Notes

The Till Trilogy is a three-play cycle. The titles can be presented together in rep , or each title is available to be produced individually. A Manuscript Edition of each of the titles is available now, while the Acting Edition is being prepared for publication.