Bina’s Six Apples

One Act
6f, 4m, 1 any


Bina’s family grows the finest apples in all of Korea. But when war forces her to flee her home, Bina is alone in the world with just six precious apples to her name. Can these meager possessions help her find her family? Join Bina on her spirited journey that ranges from the heartbreaking to the humorous. Encountering new challenges at every turn, Bina is forced to rely upon her apples and their important legacy as she begins to discover the power of her own resilience. Often mesmerizing, always heartwarming, Bina will discover that she’s not the only one on a difficult quest for a place to call home.

Casting & Production



BINA, f, 10.

FATHER, m, 30s.

MOTHER, f, 30s.

HAMEE, f, 60s, Bina’s grandmother.

JINSOO, m, teens. Bina’s brother.

YOUNGSOO, f, teens. Bina’s sister.

ANOTHER MOTHER, f, 20s or 30s.

SOLDIER, m, late teens.

BOATPERSON, any age, any gender.

MERCHANT, f, any age.

BOY, m, about 6.

All characters should be played by Asian or AAPIactors.

Doubling is encouraged, except for Bina and Boy.

Between Geochang and Busan, South Korea.

Fall 1950.


“A deeply engaging play… brimming with heart and vivid characters.”

—Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press

“A poetic, mythological reflection on the horror and heartbreak of senseless violence. This is not your average kids’ entertainment… these are complex and deep waters.”

—Alexis Hauk, ArtsATL

From the Playwright

“Bina’s Six Apples is rooted in family lore. It is inspired by my parents, in what they experienced as children during the Korean War, but it is equally inspired by my kids – not just in the remarkable differences in how they’re growing up, but in the similarities, too. My greatest ambition for the play is that it speaks to both generations: their emotions, their imaginations, their sense of discovery and journey towards empathy. The play was written for young audiences, of course – but also for their parents and grandparents.”

– Playwright Lloyd Suh