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Are you ready for some laughs? Soak up the good life in Boca Raton, a city that offers the fountain of youth. In this Garden of Eden, the sun always shines, the lawns are always manicured, and the weather holds steady at a perfect 75, just like Boca’s well-maintained seniors. Boca is a series of short intertwining comedies that follow a group of retirees in a fictional retirement community, the Boca Oasis, who, between rounds of golf, bridge and botox, discover the key to happiness lies within their very community.

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3F, 2M


“Boca is both funny and at times quite surprisingly touching… Blessedly devoid of all forms of moralizing…a la Neil Simon.”

—The Wall Street Journal

“A chuckle-fest as well-constructed and skillfully executed as any episode of The Golden Girls, The Mary Tyler

Moore Show or a Carol Burnett skit… This play is going to be done a hundred times.”

—Florida Theatre On Stage

“One of the funniest plays I’ve seen.”

—The Westfield News

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Feb 11Mar 02, 2025
Florida Repertory Theatre
Fort Myers, FL
May 0211, 2025
Harlequins Community Theatre
Sandusky, OH

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