Eight Tales of Pedro – A Play With Music

A Play with Music
2f, 4m


​In EIGHT TALES OF PEDRO, two sets of storytellers, some now and some in 17th century Mexico, cross a country – risking everything for a new life. As they tell their tales, their lives and plots combine and intertwine into the same conclusion.

Casting & Production



ALFONSO — (M 20-25) plays the title character of PEDRO URDEMALES and the disguised DON CABALLITO. He is a comical leading man, who sees that Peter is in need of hope. He knows the stories, and more than that, knows how to be a leader and a guide.

GENOVEVA — (F 32-38) plays GORDO, GLORIA, WIFE, PIGKEEPER and the FARMER. She is first and foremost a mother. She leads with her heart. Her favorite of the stories involve Pedro and his mother. Easily embarrassed by public displays of affection. She has two children and a husband she misses very much.

FELIPE — (M 35-40) plays DON JOSE, DOCTOR, and ESPOSA. He is the clown of the group and a master of physical humor. Astore owner who spends his weekends at the library reading to kids. They love his use of various voices and characters. Felipe prides himself in finding the comedy in everything he does.

RENÉ — (M 25-30) plays FLACO, MASTER, and SECOND FARMER. A young father with a sick child in Mexico. Depressed about his circumstances, escaping into the story reminds him of better times with his son.

ESCOLÁSTICA — (F 20-25) goes by STACY. She plays TERESA, MAMA, and HUSBAND. She is the ingenue of the group. As much as she denies it, ESCOLÁSTICAloves her studies, and loves details. Her boyfriend Alfonso may know the story, but she knows everything about it.

PETER — (M 19) plays JUAN BOBO. The youngest of the group. He does not know the stories. He is at the end of his rope, leaving the only home he knows. Avery young father who knows that he has continuously made the wrong choices. Driven, aggressive, street smart, and possibly dangerous. But with a heart of gold.


Winner of the 2018 UnFringed Festival Best of the Festival Prize.

Winner of the New York Innovative Theatre Awards- Best Music – Luis D’Elias

Winner of the New York Innovative Theatre Awards- Best Supporting Actor – Federico Mallet

Chosen as part of Queens Theatre’s New American Voices Play Reading Series


“A thought-provoking focus on Latino heritage.”

-Mark Lord, Queens Chronicle

“The ultimate message of undying hope for one and all.”

-Cliff Kasden, The Queens Courier​

“Humorous and poignant”

-Byrne Harrison, Stagebuzz

​”Funny, thought-provoking & healing.”

-Brett Mann, Show-score