Guilty Pleasures: An Unapologetic Comedy

2f, 2m


Married couple Larry and Jinx embark on a luxury cruise and encounter a glamorous celebrity couple. A frivolous agreement leads to sex, comic complications, and Larry and Jinx having to resort to infidelity to save their marriage. Guilty Pleasures is a modern version of a sophisticated throwback Noel Coward-type screwball comedy.

Casting & Production

Production Notes:


JINX BERMAN: She’s late 30’s, attractive, smart, stylish, Jewish, with a wicked sense of humor.

LARRY BERMAN: Late 30’s, Jewish, intense.

PETER DRAKE: CNN anchor. Late 30’s/early 40’s, handsome, charming, and seemingly unflappable.

CHARLENE URANGA: Movie star. 30’s, gorgeous, vain, and is way less smart than she thinks she is.

ETIENNE: Pre-recorded VO. Cruise Director. Always speaks in an overly-soothing French accent.

SIRI: Pre-recorded.

A luxury cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea. Present Day.

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