Jabari Dreams of Freedom

TYA, Drama
1f, 1m. 1 boy


JABARI DREAMS OF FREEDOM is a 45 minute dream, a piece for ages 8 and up, using rap, freedom songs, hip hop dance, history, and humor to tell the story of a young Black boy from the South Side of Chicago who is afraid to leave the house, but learns to dream of freedom.

10 year old Jabari loves to paint. With his Forever President Barack Obama as a guide, Jabari escapes the violent reality of an encounter with the police through his colorful paintings where he meets children from the past who teach him how to be fearless. He then meets his hero, Barack Obama, as a 6 year old boy on the eve of the assassination of MLK, Jr. Will Jabari be able to instill in young Barack the lessons he’s learned and therefore ensure that Barack will have the necessary tools to become president? Will he learn to take these lessons back into his own life and heal his community?

Casting & Production



JABARI: A charismatic and versatile young Black actor to play age 10, afraid of any and everything in the world.

DAD: Jabari’s father, Black, middle-aged, direct and humorous, gregarious and handsome; doubles as BARACK OBAMA, CONDUCTOR, JAMES STEWARD, YOUNG BARACK OBAMA.

MOM: Jabari’s mother, Black, female, middle-aged, doubles as CLAUDETTE COLVIN, RUBY BRIDGES, ARNETTA STREETER,and BARACK’S MOM.

*Cast size is flexible if additional parts are needed.

YouTube-esque video sketches inside the mind of a little boy named Jabari. A series of living drawings created live.