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An adaptation of the play, An Infinite Ache, by David Schulner, LONG STORY SHORT is a two-actor show, with a four-piece band that covers a romance and 50-year marriage in 98 minutes and 17 songs. This musical romance follows what happens when Charles, a nerdy young Jewish guy, falls in love (on a blind date) with Hope, a young Asian-American woman from Los Angeles.

Casting & Production



CHARLES, a 25-year old slightly nebbishy Jewish white guy from the East Coast. The actor who plays him should be able to convincingly play somebody older (in our experience, casting somebody in their 30’s is probably the right call).

HOPE, a worldly and slightly jaded 27-year old born and raised in LA. She has grown up in an upper-middle class family, and has a taste for the slightly finer things. She’s probably a bit out of CHARLES’s league. She has been roped into a blind date with CHARLES and is none too happy about it. In Schulner’s original play, HOPE was either Chinese or a Chinese-Filipino mix. We’re leaving her race open — she could be Asian, Latino, African-American — but there must be an obvious difference in racial heritage between her and CHARLES; a crucial argument hinges on it. If HOPE is not conceivably of Chinese heritage, a few lyrics will have to change, marked in the script with an asterisk (*). See the appendix for some alternates.

Orchestral Information

4 Musicians

Piano/Conductor (Keyboard 1)





Book by Brendan Milburn & Valerie Vigoda
Music by Brendan Milburn
Lyrics by Valerie Vigoda


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