Our Shrinking Shrinking World

2f, 2m


Dr. Lyman Hidalgo-Nyquist is the only therapist in a faded New England mill town. His one remaining patient is Teddy, a down-on-his-luck cop, who lost his gun and can only get his job back by seeing a therapist. Another therapist shows up in town, the mysterious Dr. Michael Carver. The two therapists battle each other for the chance to save Teddy and his girlfriend through couples’ counseling with the fate of humanity in the balance.

Casting & Production



DR. LYMAN HIDALGO-NYQUIST – A veteran therapist whose practice has seen better days, 40s-60s

TEDDY BUCKO – A down-on-his-luck policeman, 30s-40s

KATRINA PENDERGAST – Teddy’s girlfriend, an ER nurse, 30s-40s

DR. MICHAEL CARVER – A therapist, 30s-40s


“A unique modern comedy…captivating…incisive dialogue…the humor just keeps on coming.”

—Broadway World

“A big guffaw-generating surprise…consistently clever…constantly pulling the rug out from under you…philosophical themes with a light touch.”

—NJ Arts

“A play that surprises you at every turn…turns cliches on their head to mine humor while seriously addressing the need to find and hold onto hope in an ever-depressing world…verbally vivid…a joy to experience.”

—Out in Jersey