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Ring of Fire – Small Cast Edition

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TRW’s RING OF FIRE: The Music of Johnny Cash has had a remarkable journey from Broadway to theatres across the world. The show recently received a hot new re-conception by original RING OF FIRE creator Richard Maltby, Jr. featuring a cast of five actor/musicians.

From the opening chords of vintage country to rockabilly, rock n’ roll, searing ballads and gentle songs of love and deep faith, RING OF FIRE packs a score that provides a rich fabric in which to lay down the story of Johnny Cash. The great bio-pic “Walk the Line” told the story of the events of Cash’s life and the incredible struggles and triumphs of his life. RING OF FIRE gives the music the spotlight, as a core group of talented actor/musicians celebrate the songs that are such a part of our collective experience.

Casting & Production



TRENNA-Female vocalist, doubling on acoustic guitar if possible

JASON-Male vocalist playing acoustic guitar

DAVE-Male vocalist playing electric guitar, banjo and fiddle

EDDIE-Male vocalist playing acoustic and electric guitar

MARK-Male vocalist playing bass (preferably double bass but electric bass can be used) and various percussion

The small cast version of RING OF FIRE, intended for five cast members who also play the instruments, provides a more intimate performance experience than the larger cast Broadway show. If any or all of your five cast members do not play instruments, you are welcome to perform the show using a separate pit band – or some musicians to cover those actors who don’t play an instrument – preferably setup on stage.

Orchestral Information

5 Musicians

Player 1 (Trenna) – Acoustic Guitar

Player 2 (Jason) – Acoustic Guitar and various percussion

Player 3 (Eddie) Electric Guitar and various percussion

Player 4 (David) Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Resonator, Fiddle, Banjo, and various percussion

Player 5 (Mark) bass (preferably double bass but electric bass can be used) and various percussion



The Music of Johnny Cash


Adapted from the Broadway Production by Richard Maltby, Jr. and Jason Edwards

Orchestrations by Steven Bishop and Jeff Lisenby Additional arrangements by David Abbinanti

Ring of Fire was originally produced on Broadway by William Meade, CTM Productions, Bob Cuillo, GFour Productions, and James B. Freydberg

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Bakersfield Music Theatre
Bakersfield, CA
Jun 20Aug 11, 2024
Arts Club Theatre Company
Vancouver, BC

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