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Gilda is a middle-aged American worker and life-long union member. After her factory moves to Mexico, she is tasked with training her replacement, a young Mexican man named Eduardo. The union stands firmly against this retraining but it is the only way Gilda can receive her small, but necessary payout. SCAB is a story of two mismatched workers struggling for survival in modern industrial America.

Casting & Production



EDUARDO – (24) Speaks with an accent but is able to pull it back or make it heavier when it suits his purpose. Intelligent but can play dumb if the situation calls for it. Hard working, picks up things quickly. Has the soul of a poet but the hands of a worker.

GILDA – (58) World weary but with a sense of humor. A worker’s mixture of anger and sadness. Never aspired to anything great, but at least thought she’d do better than her parents. She’s mistaken.

The Present

A paper cup factory in a city in the Northeast