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This free but faithful adaptation of Molière’s classic comedy TARTUFFE follows the original plot of a theological flimflammer insinuating himself into a life of comfort and ease at the expense of his gullible benefactor’s family. It is both funny and resonant, addressing many of the issues of our day – religious, political, and human hypocrisy as well as the extremism in which our frequently fractured society can find itself entrenched and how we often willingly conspire in our own duping.

Casting & Production



MADAME PERNELLE — Orgon’s mother

ELMIRE — Orgon’s wife

DORINE — Servant in Orgon’s household

DAMIS — Orgon’s son MARIANNE — Orgon’s daughter

CLEANTE — Orgon’s brother-in-law ORGON — Master of the household VALERE — Marianne’s intended TARTUFFE — Orgon’s guest and spiritual advisor

M. LOYAL — A bailiff

MINISTER OF THE STATE — A royal servant

The play can take place in the France of Molière’s time… or can take place anywhere in the modern era… or anywhere in any era in between.


“A first-rate adaptation. Pogue’s language sparkles with color and is ripe with clever crispness, making versatile leaps from theological discourse to the basest of juicy double-entendre. Brilliant writing.”

— The Lexington Herald-Leader

“Pogue avoids reproducing Molière’s rhymed couplets while still maintaining his energetic and engaging prose. How exceptionally well this message resonates with contemporary audiences.”

—The Edge, San Francisco

“Pogue’s choice new translation…besides filling that satiric bill, also brings in dark social circumstances in the background the necessarily discrete original only hinted at. Rhythmically comic—and completely theatrical!”

—The Berkeley Daily Planet