Teen Dad

Dark Comedy
3f, 2m


Abby, a precocious emo-goth teenager, orchestrates a surprise reunion for her mother Tanya and birth father Tom, with the help of her mom’s fiancé/healer John. Hoping to provoke long-lasting reconciliation between her parents before her high school graduation, Abby’s plans completely derail when Tom arrives with his new girlfriend Alisha. Can this family confront their past traumas, “deal and heal?”

“Teen Dad” subverts popular regional theatre “kitchen-sink beach house dramedy” to share a heartfelt, comedic exploration of generational trauma and recovery in a mixed race Black and Latinx family.

Casting & Production



ABBY: 15/f or femme person, Afro-Latina/x – daughter of Tanya and Tom, a mostly cheerful emo-punk goth

TANYA: 33/f, Black – Abby’s mother, a survivor in recovery

JOHN: early 40s/m or masculine person, Black – Tanya’s fiancé. A social worker and self-described “healer” who can see sound

TOM: 29/m, Latino – Abby’s biological father, a baby- faced punk rocker

ALISHA: 21/f or femme person, mixed-race – Tom’s girlfriend, dresses very clean-cut and preppy

Casting Note: TOM is mixed-race White/Latino (Mexican) and fair-skinned. The roles of ABBY, ALISHA and JOHN are open to non-binary, trans and/or gender-non conforming actors of color. Pronouns may be adjusted in the script to best fit the actors portraying those roles.


  • 2020 – Max K. Lerner Playwriting Fellowship, Inkwell Theater
  • 2020 – Finalist, Judith Royer Excellence in Playwriting Award
  • 2019 – Finalist, O’Neill National Playwrights Conference
  • 2019 – Finalist, Madison New Works Laboratory
  • 2019 – Semifinalist, Gulfshore Playhouse New Works Festival
  • 2017 – Finalist, Inkslinger Playwriting Competition
  • 2014 – ScriptWorks Seed Support Grant