The Antichrist Cometh

80 minutes
2f, 2m
Am Dram & Professional


THE ANTICHRIST COMETH is a comedy about a happily married man who discovers that he might be the Antichrist. Will he be able to enjoy a small dinner party with his loving wife, former college roommate, and his roommate’s devoutly religious fiancée? Or will their home-cooked meal usher in the Apocalypse?

Casting & Production


Cast of Characters
(2W, 2M)
JOHN, Advertising guru and possible Antichrist, in his late 20s-40s.

LILI, Forensic pathologist and wife of JOHN, roughly the same age as him.

DUNCAN, Insurance guru and best friend of JOHN, roughly the same age as him.

FIONA, Nurse and fiancée of DUNCAN, close in age to DUNCAN.


Place: A living room.

Time: The present. Evening.

Run Time: Approximately 80 minutes.