The Salonnières

Dramatic Comedy
4f, 1m


In pre-Revolutionary Paris, a young girl fresh from the convent is promised in marriage to an older nobleman to pay off her father’s debts. She flees to the literary salon of her late mother’s friends, aristocratic women who conceal radical politics within reinvented folk tales. But which of them is her fairy godmother, and which the cruel stepmother? Is the duke a Prince Charming or a Beast? And is the maid the humble nobody they treat her as, or the hero of a story none of them knows they are in?

Casting & Production


4F, 1M

Production Notes

The Salonnières had a 2017 workshop at the Magic Theatre, San Francisco, and premiered in October–November 2018 at Greater Boston Stage Company.

Greater Boston Stage Company premiere was directed by Weylin Symes.

Cast: Lisa Joyce, Laura Latreille, Elainy Mata, Bill Mootos, Sarah Newhouse.

Scenic Design Katy Monthei.

Lighting Design Chris Fournier.

Costume Design Gail Astrid Buckley.

Sound Design Caroline Eng.

Projection Design Christine Banna.

Properties Master Emme Shaw.

Production Stage Manager Elizabeth Ramirez.

Production Associate Shauwna Grillo.