Well Met by Moonlight

Shakespeare Adaptation
3f, 5m, 1 any


An adaptation of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The script is available in manuscript form now, while the final Acting Edition is being prepared.

Joe Calarco’s sparkling adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s greatest comedies is beautifully crafted with a delightful new dramatic frame for the hilarious action.

In this magical re-telling of the tale, dreams abound, notes are everywhere and love is in the air!

Casting & Production

Thoughtful, color-conscious, casting is expected.

CAST OF CHARACTERS (in order of appearance)

BOTTOM: 50s. Male. Hermia’s dressmaker and confidante. A simple man with a poetic mind and big dreams. His hobby, and his passion, is puppet making.

HERMIA: 20s. Female. The Bride. Beautiful. Smart. Rebellious. Born into great privilege, and while providing her comfort, it has never offered happiness. Deeply in love with Lysander.

DEMETRIUS: 20s. Male. The Groom. Born into great privilege and has never once questioned it. He was raised for a public life and is very comfortable being on display.

HERMIA’S MOTHER: 50s. Female. Mother of the bride. Regal, strong, but carries regret. Has figured out how to wield power in a male-driven world. She is Titania in her daughter’s dream.

HERMIA’S FATHER: 50s. Male. Father of the bride. Master of the world he lives in and has no intention of ever being anything else. He is Oberon in his daughter’s dream.

HELENA: 20s. Female. The maid of honor and childhood friend of Hermia. She could have anything she wanted but listens to too many voices, including her own, that make her belief in that idea impossible.

LYSANDER: 20s. Nonbinary. They work as a day laborer on Hermia’s family estate. Smart. Resourceful. Romantic. Loyal. Deeply in love with Hermia.

PHILOSTRATE: 20s. Male. A footman on Hermia’s family estate. Has little to no power in this world but understands how to get it when needed and enjoys wielding it when possible. He is Puck in Hermia’s dream.

THE DUKE: A recorded voice-over. Cis-male. Powerful. Commanding.