Which Way to the Stage

1f, 2m


The years is 2015 and Jeff and Judy are right where they’re supposed to be: waiting outside the stage door of the Broadway musical If/Then hoping to meet their idol. But the conversation they have while they wait will change the course of their decades long friendship forever. A playful yet profound comedy about friendship, ambition, and the traps and triumphs of femininity.

Casting & Production


1W, 2M

Cast of Characters
(2W, 2M)

30s, Funny, intelligent, has bigger dreams than she can admit to herself. She is Jeff’s best friend. Sometimes gets in her own way. Judy is real. She is not unattractive, but she is not the female ideal. She’s just a real woman trying to make it in a business that thrives on a fantasy.

30s, Passionate, talented. Has a great sense of humor, but deep down takes it all very seriously. He is Judy’s best friend. Jeff is also “real.” Anything about him that might come off as a typical “Queen” is extremely authentic. He is who he is and is not apologizing for it.

30s, Robert Redford’s character from The Way We Were if instead of being a novelist he was a musical theater performer. Good looking. Complacent. Things come easily to him. One minute you’re sure you know everything about him, the next he is surprising you in the most wonderful ways.

30s, A beautiful young actress who seems to have it all/A drunk Bachelorette/An exhausted casting director.


Time: 2015

Place: The stage door of IF/THEN, an audition waiting room, a drag club.


“WHICH WAY TO THE STAGE is the best new comedy since theaters reopened.”
—The Wrap

“…Delightfully wry theater world comedy.”
—The Washington Post

“WHICH WAY TO THE STAGE will enchant the ex-theater kid…But it will also make you think, between laughs, about the deeper issues that permeate a beloved but problematic subculture.”