A Measure of Cruelty

After a horrifying act of bullying, one of the perpetrators, Derek, is hidden away by a recently discharged, traumatized soldier Buddy, who hides Derek away in his father Teddy’s bar in the days after the crime. In a blistering 80 minutes all three men have to face each other, themselves, and the dangerous, antiquated, but […]

Sanctuary City

In post-9/11 Newark, NJ, two teenagers who were brought to America as children become one another’s sanctuaries from harsh circumstances. When G becomes naturalized, she and B hatch a plan to marry so that he may legally remain in the country and pursue the future he imagines for his life. But as time hurtles on […]


The story of growing up as the only son of Benjmain Franklin: the greatest scientific mind in the world, inventor of the lightning rod and the urinary catheter and the glass harmonica and bifocal glasses and, oh yeah, in his spare time the United States of America.

Good Hair

At a small Catholic school in 2017, Florence has just been banned from all school related activities thanks to her hair, and is forced to decide how she will make her stand. Inventor Annie Malone’s hair products at the turn of the 20th century revolutionized mobility for Black women, but her biggest supporter and critic, […]

Jabari Dreams of Freedom

JABARI DREAMS OF FREEDOM is a 45 minute dream, a piece for ages 8 and up, using rap, freedom songs, hip hop dance, history, and humor to tell the story of a young Black boy from the South Side of Chicago who is afraid to leave the house, but learns to dream of freedom. 10 […]

The Ding Dongs (or What Is The Penalty in Portugal?)

When a sweet-faced couple shows up on a suburban doorstep, an unsuspecting homeowner finds himself the victim of a surreal home invasion. Using wit and wordplay to mask a more sinister threat, the couple wages a battle over indigenous rights from the living room, and we are asked to examine the brutality that fuels our […]

El Borracho

Raul is sick. Raul has not been taking care of himself. Raul drinks because he always drinks. In his final months, he’s forced to move in with his ex-wife Alma who now has to care for the man she thought she’d never have to see again.

Another America

Inspired by the documentary film TRUE FANS by Dan Austin A cross-country pilgrimage on bicycles from Venice, CA to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA. ANOTHER AMERICA is a free-wheeling portrait of the country itself as well as a journey of self discovery for two brothers and their best friend.

Musings of a Crazy Texican: Eight Short Plays

Imagine witnessing 500 years of Aztec history in 10 minutes, a commercial for menudo popsicles, auditions for Pancho Villa: The Musical or a jillion texts from a psycho gringa. This “crazy” collection of 8-short plays contains works that have entertained, inspired and sometimes offended. Playwright Alvaro Saar Rios showcases new work, commissioned pieces as well […]

America’s Sexiest Couple

Two actors, who were “America’s Sexiest Couple” on a popular ‘90s sitcom reunite for the first time in 25 years. They face a lifetime of unresolved issues, longings, resentments, and regrets. Plus, the network wants to reboot the show. Career and personal aspirations collide. Professionally and personally, where do they go from here?