Blue Ridge

3f, 3m
Community & Pro


by Abbey Rosebrock
ISBN: 978-1-63852-309-3 (E-Script)
ISBN: 978-1-63852-308-6 (Print Edition)

At a church-sponsored halfway house in Western North Carolina, the arrival of a charismatic high-school English teacher shakes up the household dynamic, leading to new friendships, routines, and intrigues. As romantic rivalries and racial tensions escalate, the house’s residents and two founders—a taciturn, broad-minded minister and an idealistic social worker—must confront their own failings and the limits of their mission.

Casting & Production


Cast of Characters
(3W, 3M)

ALISON — Female, 30s-40s, white or passes for white

GRACE — Female, 40s-50s, person of color

CHERIE (“shuh-REE”) — Female, 30s-40s, African-American

WADE — Male, 30s, biracial

HERN — Male, 40s-50s, white or passes for white

COLE — Male, 30s-40s, white or passes for white

Place: Rural Western North Carolina, near Asheville.


Time: Recently

Setting: Scenes 1-6: the living room of a small mountain house, with exits leading to an office, a kitchen, a hallway, and a partially visible porch.
Scene 7: a classroom