Singles In Agriculture

2f, 1m


Trying her luck at an annual dating convention for farmers, a South Carolina army widow who loves Modern Family and talks to her goats angles for romance with an Oklahoma fundamentalist. Over the course of an evening, as she tests his convictions and pries into his darkest secrets, both characters must confront the painful reasons they’ve been starving for love for so long.

Casting & Production


Cast of Characters
(2W, 1M)

JOEL — Male, late 30s-40s, a dairy farmer from rural Oklahoma

PRISCILLA — Female, late 20s-early 30s, a goat farmer from rural
upstate South Carolina

LOIS — Female, late 40s or above, a hotel security guard in
Galveston, Texas


A low-budget hotel room in Galveston.



“Smart and sensitive, SINGLES IN AGRICULTURE is a triumph. A big-
hearted play with a darkly comic core. You probably can’t remember the
last erotic play you saw about contemporary farmers, so you know this
show is fresh… 80 minutes of continuous action, [it’s] a sexy, startling, and
ultimately uplifting piece of theater.”
—Sarah Matusek, New York Theatre Review