What is “Murder”? A Mystery/Comedy

85 minutes
2f, 3m


Four former Jeopardy! champions meet for a weekend to prepare for the Tournament of Champions. When the front-runner is murdered, it becomes a game of cat and mouse between three brainiacs and a wily detective. Comedy, clues, and surprises await.

Casting & Production

Production Notes:

JEROME: 20’s/40’s, smart, pretentious, full of himself

EUSTACIA: 20’s, Goth, a little weird

NICOLE: 20’s, intense, an influencer

KYLE: 30’s/40’s, super smart, poised

DETECTIVE: 50’s/60’s, somewhat officious, rumpled, and smarter than he looks

House living room. Present day.

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Oct 17Nov 02, 2024
North Vancouver Community Theatre
North Vancouver, BC

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