Smile Lines

One Act
Short Play
10F or Nonbinary Actors


This groundbreaking and emotionally charged play immerses you in the fervor, intensity, determination, and selflessness of the Silent Sentinels protest at the White House in 1917. A century later, do we appreciate the sacrifices and convictions made by those brave individuals? SMILE LINES delves deep into the National Woman’s Party’s historic protests, connecting them to the ongoing struggle for all voices in today’s world.

Casting & Production


CAST OF CHARACTERS (10W or Nonbinary Actors)

ACTOR 1/Suffragist 1
ACTOR 2/Suffragist 2
ACTOR 3/Suffragist 3
ACTOR 4/Suffragist 4
ACTOR 5/Suffragist 5
ACTOR 6/Suffragist 6
ACTOR 7/Suffragist 7
ACTOR 8/Suffragist 8
ACTOR 9/Suffragist 9
ACTOR 10/Susan B. Anthony

Casting Note:
While being a piece that celebrates the Women’s Suffrage movement, it also confronts the segregation and racism of the movement as well and was conceived to be performed by a very multicultural cast (I.e.: Actor 4 and 9 having their 1st language being non-English, and Actor 2 being Black), and having even more diversity in the cast is encouraged. You should also feel free, as suggested, to inhabit the cast with both female-identifying and nonbinary actors.

The United States of America

Now and Then

Author's Note

The piece is highly theatrical and movement driven and should never be presented as a group of actors simply reciting to the audience.