The Spoken Word

One Act
Short Play
12f, 4m


Germany in 1943. America in 2033. This charged play follows young adults separated by time and place, united by their resistance to the government oppression they’re surrounded by. In 2033, a group of protestors in hiding begin receiving cryptic text messages. Is it possible that they’re somehow being sent from 1940s anti-Nazi activist Sophie Scholl and other members of the famed White Rose resistance group? And if they are receiving these messages, why?

Casting & Production



TEAK WILSON — Male, 18yo, African American, a student, an activist.

HANS SCHOLL — Male, 24yo, German, a student, an activist.

CHRISTOPH PROBST — Male, 23yo, German, a husband, a father, an activist.

SOPHIE SCHOLL — Female, 21yo, German, a student, an activist.

RUTH WERNER — Female, 18yo, German, Jewish, a violinist.

IRMA — Female, 18yo, German, Jewish, a pianist.

ADEELA — Female, 19yo, of Palestinian/Jewish descent, Muslim, moved to the U.S. when she was 3yo.

ZOE — Female, 17yo, Latina, a student.

QUINN — Female, 17yo, white, Queer, a student.

XIMENA — Female, 16yo, Guatemalan, undocumented.

JOHANNA — Female, 19yo, German, student, Sophie’s roommate.

EMILY JAY — Female, 17yo, any race, Queer, a singer/songwriter/activist.

NADIMA — Female, 16yo, Palestinian, lives in Gaza, Adeela’s cousin.

LUCA — Male, 19yo, Guatemalan, undocumented, an activist, Ximena’s older brother.

MAGDALENA SCHOLL — Female, 52yo, German, Sophie and Hans’ mother.

ELSE GEBEL — Female, 20s, German, a communist, cellmate of Sophie.

Munich, Germany: February 1943
Northern Virginia: February 2033