One Act
Short Play
8f/NB, 5m/NB, 1 Any


Alejandro has revolutionized student government at his Pennsylvania high school and changed it for the better, so when he unexpectedly resigns from being student body president halfway through his senior year, the entire school is shaken. Who will take over? Who should take over? This exciting play looks at the ways we contribute to our community, the power of the vote, and what it means to be a United States citizen.

Casting & Production




ALEJANDRO— 17yo, male, Latino. A natural leader. Being an activist has always been at the core of who he is. What happens when that core shatters into pieces?

XI (Zee) — 18yo, female or non-binary, Black. Has determined that her/their journey through life must, and will, leave a very powerful set of footprints behind.

STAN— 17yo, male, white. Alejandro’s best friend. Has always slid by on his popularity. One of those people who thinks that they’ve reached their full potential.

NICOLE (NIC) — 17yo, female or non-binary, white. Thinks she/they can change the world, not shy about it, and believes it’s a worthy, important, and achievable goal.

FISHER— 17yo, male or non-binary, any race. He/They will survive high school without too many scars but will not return for visits, and the only reunion he/they will ever go to is his/their 20th just to see if how everyone turns out matches how he/they thinks they will.


ELENA — 16yo, female, Latina. A bright light. Determined.

EMMA — 16yo, female or non-binary, any race. A very good friend. Caring, kind, with occasional bouts of anxiety.

GRACE— 16yo, female, any race. Vice President of student government. Has been dating Stan since she was in 9th Grade. Has what many call a harmed life and grateful for it but desperate for a shake-up.

JORDAN— 16yo, female or non-binary, any race. Does what needs to be done to get through high school. Biding her/their time ‘til she/they can get out and start “real life.”


AVA— 15yo, female or non-binary, any race. One of those people who feels an incredible need and pressure to succeed even when she/they are succeeding brilliantly.

MALIK— 15yo, male or non-binary, Black. Finding him/them self. And finding it powerfully.


IMANI— 14yo, female, Black. Finding her/their way. Searching.

STEWIE— 14yo, male or non-binary, any race. People think they know him/them, but they don’t know him/them at all.

MS./MR./MX. DELUCA — 30s, any gender, any race. An excellent teacher of American History. Understands her/his/their students well and knows how she/he/they has to be for each of them, whether that be a teacher, a taskmaster, a counselor, or a confidante (in the script Ms. is used because that was the casting in the original production.  Simply change the courtesy title to fit your casting.)

A High School in Delaware County, Pennsylvania

December 2019