TRW - Addams Family Musical

Favorite “Pulled” Performances

Who doesn’t love Wednesday Addams? I was smitten from the moment she ruined the summer camp play in Addams Family Values. When the Addams clan made the jump to the theatrical stage, Andrew Lippa‘s song of teenage emotional blossoming rocketed from Chicago, to Broadway, to any mix-belters’ repertoire book you could find in any audition holding room. “Pulled” is a very difficult song to sing. I think much of the role is difficult to sing, but that’s exactly what makes a great performance all the more delicious. The most climatic moments of the song lie right on the female passaggio (or break between chest voice/head voice) which means it takes not only a brassy belt or a gorgeous head voice but a marriage of the two. But musicals are about so much more than a great voice singing a song on stage. The character sings because they no longer possess the words to explain how they are feeling. Raises the stakes, no? Why is this character feeling this way? Let us IN! Here’s my top 5 performances of “Pulled” from THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

5. Kayleigh Ann Strong

Kayleigh is giving me a full production. Serving us all the lip-sync mix/belt one could ever want. She has tons of other videos as well and she gets major props for the production values of each.

4. Emily Goglia

Emily is giving me choices. She makes the ultimate choice: demon voice. I think a demon voice choice is always hilarious when used appropriately. SUGAR PLUMS! Brava, Emily! Don’t ever stop being choicey. Instant callback.

3. Madison Kerth

First off, this Pugsley better screech. Madison wasn’t having the wet weather when she trudged to rehearsal in her Hunter boots, but she came warmed up. Special shout out to the pull lever breaking and Madison’s amusement at this. I’m impressed that we are getting this vocal in a rehearsal and we can hear her so clearly without a microphone over the music track. Sing girl!

2. Carrie Hope Fletcher

Carrie will be playing Wednesday in the brand new UK/Ireland tour of THE ADDAMS FAMILY coming up later this year. Watch this and see why. This is how you act through a song. Carrie’s powerful mix/belt makes her able to navigate this song with ease, particularly at the end where you want power but you don’t want to feel as though you’re being yelled at. I’m currently monitoring flight prices, so…

1. Rachel Potter

Before you get distracted by the fierce and reckless hollering that is being delivered in this video, please take note of the sign language interpreter on the far right rocking that peasant skirt and giving you a performance all her own. Rachel isn’t playing when it comes to this vocal. The higher tambour of her voice fits Wednesday like a glove. Hollering with vibrato. The growls. Rachel. You’re in time out for this. I love it.

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