Shot: Caught A Soul

Kareem, a Black teen, waits for the bus, at night, in a suburban White neighborhood. He is approached by O’Donald, a White police officer. They struggle. A shot rings out. Kareem is dead. O’Donald says he feared for his life. The Police Union’s representative defends the shooting as self-defense. Kareem’s Aunt Janice protests her nephew’s […]

Jabari Dreams of Freedom

JABARI DREAMS OF FREEDOM is a 45 minute dream, a piece for ages 8 and up, using rap, freedom songs, hip hop dance, history, and humor to tell the story of a young Black boy from the South Side of Chicago who is afraid to leave the house, but learns to dream of freedom. 10 […]

Cinderella: The Real Story

This new take on an old classic tells the forgotten stories hidden in the fairy tale we all know so well. Hilarious, imaginative, and powerful, this play is specifically designed to be performed by young performers and may be adapted to a virtual or in-person performance venue.

The Acts of Life

Jonathan Rand’s THE ACTS OF LIFE is a multi-generational story about love and life. Presented in a series of metaphors, we watch as members of a family are born and grow; each experiencing the familiar moments in life that seem to be universal.